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Photo Guide

About Photos

All we need is a good clear photo. We recommend using the original version of the image. Just send it to us and we will take care of the rest.

Note: Please keep in mind that the quality of the image on your finished custom pet cushion is directly related to the quality of your original photo. A clear higher resolution picture makes for a better end result. 

For best results, please use original full sized version of your photos.  (File size are usually at least 1.5MB).   Try to pick a photo with sharper focus, especially around your pet's face



A perfect photo


About Lighting

We suggest photos to be taken in natural day light to have the best result. If photos are taken at night, try using flash light or use good lighting such as a desk lamp when taking pictures. Make sure there is no shadows or light exposures on the photos.

About Resolution

Photos downloaded from social media tend to be lower resolution images. Sometimes it works for smaller sized cushions (e.g. 20-40cm cushions). If you're not sure, feel free to send us an email with couple of photos and we are more than happy to help check the photos for you. 

About Printing

Can I print multiple animals on the cushion?
Yes indeed! We know that some pets are inseparable, so of course we can print them together on one product. We do not charge extra for this service.

Can I print the full body of my pet or just the face?
We can print the full body or just the face of your pet.

Will you remove the background of the picture?
Yes, your pet is our focus, not the photo background. Our artists will remove the background from the image and create photo images based solely on the pet, unless you have specific requirement to keep the background.

Can I see my final picture before printing?
Absolutely! We offer artwork previews and unlimited revisions on every single order. We will send you a preview picture before printing either via email or mobile via our Business WhatsApp +61 414 531 223. Please remember to check your email or mobile. We only print once you are happy with the design.